Identifying vegetation encroachment can be a difficult task for any and all companies. At DroneSafe FX we have the tools and technology to help your company identify problem areas for vegetation encroachment in a safe and timely manner with our state of the art drones and stream-line processes. Vegetation density and distance can also be measured and outputted in a convenient format that best suits the needs of our clients with our customized data bases and technologically advanced programs.


Identifying structural damage and integrity is a time consuming and expensive inspection. Here at DroneSafe FX, we use the most technology advanced drones and software in all aspects of engineering to inspect the ability of structures to support a designed load, look for tearing, collapsing and study of breakage that has previously occurred in order to prevent failures in future designs. Our streamline processes and data systems will assure that the construction will perform its designed function, during reasonable use and for as long as the designed life of the structure.

DroneSafe FX offers the most technology advanced drones and software for roads and railway systems inspections. Our inspections not only are a time saving tool for companies, but also allow for more frequent inspections to help reduce derailments, safety problems and also lead to lower labor cost in the long run. With the inconvenience of manned inspections on hundreds of miles of tracks and roadways, our ability to fly drones long distances puts us a step ahead of your current inspections services with the ability to present spot on data and 4K videography for easy viewing.