DroneSafe FX multispectral imaging enables large-scale environmental changes including vegetation delineation, pervious/impervious mapping, water quality, change detection, fire damage, flooding, erosion, or chemical spills, to be quickly located and quantified and can be tracked over time by comparing imagery taken at different intervals by our mulitispectral cameras. This approach allows for the most effective containment and solution planning for all of DroneSafe FX customers.


DroneSafe FX uses Orthomosaics by using a combination of aerial imagery and precise GPS coordinates to produce images of large areas that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.  Flying at a preset flight pattern and elevation, our drones can take a series of images that can later be stitched together with highly intelligent software.  The end result is an image that is extremely accurate, high resolution and greater than what is typically found.


Visual inspection by a drone is a quick and cost-effective inspection method, proving high value, ensuring longer inspection intervals and increased knowledge of Agriculture and Forestries. Drone inspection enables access to otherwise inaccessible areas and details, offering owners immediate action as an alternative to more traditional, time consuming and costly inspection method.

Precision agriculture and Forestries is management based on observing, measuring, and responding to inter- and intra-variability in crops and is a key component to gather the necessary information for crop analysis and management. Our aerial PAF imagery measures over 15 components which indicates whether the target contains live, green vegetation or not. DroneSafe FX uses state of the art precision drones and cameras that can be used to monitor crops, forest, and eco-systems persistently for subtle changes in the visible and near-infrared radiation that plants reflect in order to remotely sense when crops are under stress, identify species, monitor plant growth, and perform dozens of other functions helpful in protecting crops and the environment.