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Pipeline leaks can have a devastating impact on the environment, cause injuries and deaths, and trigger catastrophic economic consequences. Pipeline operators that deploy workers to walk or drive the line for leak detection put their personnel at risk and flying helicopters over the right-of-way can be extremely expensive. DroneSafe FX has the solution for safe, cost-effective leak detection in oil and gas pipelines by using our state of the art drones with IR imaging and specialized sensors that can be used to detect oil spills, gas emissions while increasing safety and enhance overall productivity.


DroneSafe FX uses thermal anomaly detection through our aerial thermograms IR imaging camera to measure ground temperature and provide real-time data analysis to our customers. Our radiometric thermal anomaly detection imaging can pick up on the difference in temperatures between an oil spill (warmer than the environment) and gas emissions (cooler than the environment) for real time analysis and pin point precision.


Visual inspection by a drone is a quick and cost-effective inspection method, proving high value, ensuring on time inspection intervals and increased knowledge of Oil and Gas Pipelines. Drone inspection enables access to otherwise inaccessible areas and details, offering owners immediate action as an alternative to more traditional, time consuming and costly inspection methods.

DroneSafe FX uses pioneering technology with drones for the Oil and Gas industry by providing our customers with the most up to date valuable tools for pipeline inspections, including oil and gas pipeline leak detection. While pipeline inspection methods have typically been slow, manually intensive, dangerous and costly. DroneSafe FX has built a solution for a safe, cost-effective inspection and leak detection streamline process for oil and gas pipelines.