At DroneSafe FX, we use state of the art UAVs for a quicker, safer and cost effective method for energy infrastructure inspections. Our detailed video inspections allow for quicker decisions to help ensure quality, component safety, operational reliability, and reduce failure and down times. With an overall view perspective, we have the ability to inspect those challenging areas and risky to access places throughout the infrastructure for a more effective vantage point.


Here at DroneSafe FX, our commercial grade UAVs, handled by FAA certified operators can provide a wind turbine inspection that is quicker, easier, less costly, safer and also provide a higher-resolution visual inspection than ground-based inspections or rope access techniques. Our multi-rotor UAVs have the stability in strong winds, strong battery life, and sharp optics that are essential in quality inspections. Deterioration can cause reduced energy production in early stages and catastrophic and costly blade collapse if left unnoticed, whether from being battered by the elements or gradually wear out over time, DroneSafe FX is your solution to wind turbine inspections by using our data analysis systems and inspections services to help automate data processing and analysis to mitigate the photo fatigue that can occur photographing, analyzing, and cataloging vast blade surface image data across fleets of wind turbines.


When it comes to the transmission and distribution of electricity, vegetation management still remains one of the most expensive cost for companies. Our drone inspections can effectively classify the risk related to vegetation encroachment. DroneSafe FX can accurately determine the distance between the power lines and it’s surrounding vegetation with our 3D models and up to date software. Our customers various zones of interest will be provided to them based on criticalness and will be detailed in a report displaying all applicable information that is needed for the inspection.


Beyond line of site operations are becoming more frequent in powerline inspections. DroneSafe FX is your viable and extremely dedicated company to fill all of your powerline inspections needs. At DroneSafe FX, we use LiDar and Photogrammetric to inspect everything from vertical examination of the structure, transformer condition and horizontal examination across grid sections. Our technology of drones and software will revolutionize the energy inspection world by making it more cost effective, safer and less time consuming than the standard inspection being used now.


For your power line installations inspections, which are conducted on a regular basis in order to insure service and prevent incidents, DroneSafe FX has your Isolator check solution. By using visual and infrared footage, we can detect all anomalies including but not limited to defects and hotspots. Your company will have footage delivered in a timely manner with annotations regarding the anomalies as well as its type, location and the severity of the anomaly.