DroneSafe FX aerial drones are one of the most promising and powerful new technologies for emergency response operations. Our drones complement traditional manned relief operations by helping to ensure that operations can be conducted safer, faster, and more efficiently. When a emergency occurs, drones may be used to provide relief workers with better situational awareness, locate survivors amidst the rubble, perform structural analysis of damaged infrastructure, deliver needed supplies and equipment, evacuate casualties, and help extinguish fires—among many other potential applications. In advance of an emergency, our drones are also able to assist with risk assessment, mapping, and planning.


In addition to relieving emergency responders from some of their most dangerous duties, DroneSafe FX can perform the tasks—those that are dirty, dull and dangerous—allowing responders to focus on more important things.

The current methods of detecting rely heavily on human efforts and Drones help reduce the frequency and proximity of contact that emergency responders need to make when emergency situations arise. Our drones fly lower than manned aircraft and in reduced visibility, delivering data more efficiently, with less risk to pilots. DroneSafe FX also uses state of the art technology to map the most likely locations and ways to evacuate people from high-risk areas. Searching for people or wreckage in an emergency situation is time consuming and difficult. It can lead to crew fatigue, decreasing their effectiveness and increasing the likelihood that something could be missed. When survivors are located, rescue and evacuation operations take place in hazardous environments, DroneSafe FX can provide the data for a more safe operation while protecting emergency personnel from unknown risk.